WHO’S PLAYING TONIGHT in #Austin? Friday April 1st

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WHO’S PLAYING TONIGHT? For Friday April 1st

First up tonight you can catch Ray Wylie Hubbard in store at Waterloo Records at 3pm

And the Heartless bastards are also performing In store at Waterloo at 5

The Blues Specialist are at the Continental Club at 630

Theo Lawrence with Lasso, Mount Grey, and the Clacks are at Farout lounge at 7

Darkbird with Jane Leo and Urban Heat are at 3ten at 730

Kool Keith with Chucky Black, the point and DJ con Safos plus DJ Raquiqui are at Antones at 8

Emily Gimble is at the Continental Club Gallery tonight at 830

And finally tonight you can see Brodie Lane at the Saxon pub at 10

That’s it for Who’s Playing Tonight for  Friday April 1st

If I missed something on the show Let me know in the comments below.

Do more Better Faster. I love you, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

See you tomorrow!