Who’s Playing in #Austin Tonight September 20th, 2022

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WHO’S PLAYING TONIGHT? For Tuesday September 20th

First up tonight you can see David Grissom is at the saxon at 6

Acid Carousel, Billy Gillter, Solomo Drags and Chasen Wayne are at Hotel Vegas at 8

Songwriters open mic is at the cactus cafe doors at 7

Sketch and Grooveline Horns are at C boys heart and soul at 930

Rance May and the Coyotes are at Sam’s Town Point at 10

The Last Jimenez is at the Continental Club at 10pm

and finally tonight you can see the Ephraim Owens experience at the Continental Club Gallery at 1030

That’s it for Who’s Playing Tonight for  Tuesday September 20th

If I missed something on the show Let me know in the comments below.

Do more Better Faster. I love you, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

See you tomorrow!